Always in search of new means of expression and passionate about new media, I use the video as medium. Through the video mapping that I have been helping to develop for 20 years within several artists' collectives, or the full-time practice of the FPV drone for 5 years. Welcome to my website.

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FPV Drone video

Certified drone pilot, specialized in FPV, approved by the General Directorate of French Civil Aviation (DGAC), located in the "Hautes Alpes" department (05). I have a fleet of machines, each adapted to a certain type of shooting, which allows me different approaches: following athletes or vehicles in the heart of the action at 120 km/h, carrying out cinematic flights and contemplatives around a majestic site... and also immersive indoor visits, thanks to micro drones that allow amazing sequence shots to be made by sneaking everywhere, and in complete safety!

Mapping Video & Installations

Feel free to contact me to discuss your projects/desires, because each project is unique. Whether it's monumental video mapping or a promotional installation on a smaller scale, don't hesitate to look at the various projects already carried out for the brands, places and events to which I have contributed and thus get an idea of what it is possible to do with these techniques.

They trust me