Digital Artist _ Art Director _ Consultant

Video mapping - Scenography - Augmented sculptures - Motion graphics - Installations

Quanta - Puzzle - Thionville
Augmented interactive sculpture

Kavinsky scenography - Pont-à-Mousson
Visual performance & scenography for Kavinsky

Silent Party - Nancy
Visual performance & Silent Party

Augmented sculptures - Work in progress

Solenoids 02_B
Augmented wall sculptures - Work in progress

Envisioning Beethoven
Monumental video performance with a symphonic orchestra at Kernel Festival 2014.

Solenoids 01_A
Augmented wall sculptures - Work in progress

Augmented sculpture by Paradigme. (Metz - France)


Monumental Mapping for Renaissance 2013 by Paradigme. (Nancy - France)

HydrO ² 

Monumental Mapping for the FIA 2012 by Paradigme. (San Jose - Costa Rica)


300 m² Indoor  video mapping - Permanent Installation by Paradigme. (Sierentz - France)


Monumental Mapping for Music Volante. (Metz - France)

Gueules Noires 

Monumental Mapping for Gueules Noires by Paradigme. (Petite roselle - France)


Monumental Mapping done for Selamlique with Scouap. (Istanbul - Turkey).

DT3 for APARK 2.0

Video performance made by 2Lux Sudio for APARK 2.0 (Rennes - FR)


Monumental Mapping done for "La piccola familia". (Rouen - France)

Huaca's Tree 

Augmented Tree, done for the Boom Festival 2012. Installation by Paradigme. (Idanha a Nova - Portugal)

Musica Poetica 

Video scenography for Classical music band "Les Cyclopes ". (Cherbourg - France).

VJ Reel 2010

BomBaKlaK VJ Reel - Scenography and VJ Installations - (OnTheRoadAgain) 


Video Scenography done with Scouap - (Brittany - France)

Partouze Numéric 

Audiovisual party by AIE prod & KZP - (Toulouse -France)


Audiovisual Live band.  (France & Tokyo)


Screenshots printed form. (Show room)

Historial Jeanne d'Arc / Rouen

1000 m² vidéo installation

Redken NY 

Promotional mapping inside Horta's galerie with Scouap - (Bruxelles - Belgium)

Ice Watch

Promotional mapping with Scouap  - (Longchamp - Paris)

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