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FPV Drone shots - Editing - Colorgrading - Motion Design

FPV is the acronym for First Person View. It's piloting in immersion, with a video mask on the eyes which sends back to me what the drone's camera is filming. My machines have incredible maneuverability, flying is a real pleasure. I am of course trained to carry out my missions in complete safety, and in compliance with the rules defined by the Country. I adapt my machines according to requests or needs and regularly add new drones to my fleet to bring new ways of filming. All my drones are all resgistered and insured, in accordance with the legislation. I usually bring 6-8 FPV drones to get any kind of shot you can think of I mainly use Gopro 11 which go up to 5.3K resolution and 10 bits Colors, stabilization in post production is included in the service.

Showreel / Demo

  • The 5-inch format is the main choice for maneuverability and shooting in many conditions: following a sports competition, flying over a piece of heritage, a natural site... It remains small in size, so I can spend through relatively narrow openings.
  • The 6 inch drones are my "Cinematic" drones. They resist the wind much better and are much more stable, but still super responsive.. perfect for a wide majestic shot and thrills!
  • The micro drones I use are 3.5 and 2.5 inches that weigh less than 250 g. I can use them above people and a crowd without any risk and completely legally. The foam surrounding and propeller guards are there in case of a ccontact. I use these machines for immersive indoor tours, or unreal 1shot sequences.

Some videos

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