Huaca's Tree

For the Incas, there are hundreds of sacred places that are home to spirits.These places called Huacas can take various forms such as geographical locations of springs and even trees.
These places are the subject of intense veneration, the Incas consulted the spirits of these Huacas to try to find an answer to their questions.In these troubled times, or « universal values are distorted » it may be time to refocus on the essential and ask the right questions.We do not pretend in any way hold some forms of answers, but we offer installation for BoomFestival 2012, is a way to meet, commune with nature that we do a violence constantly.
This interactive installation is a modern transcription of Inca beliefs : a tree representing a Huacas is covered with sensors.Those they react when a person puts his or her hands on the tree.The Huacas will then generate different images that vary with the number of hands on the trunk.These light beams representing the energy of each person will invade the trunk of the tree and then back to sculptures placed in the foliage (and on foliage) from around the Milky Way (with a laser), all represented with video mapping.
We hope to achieve by this process has created a favorable place for mediation.Around this huacas, visitors can sit, lie down surrounded by a reproduction of Nazca geoglyphs with light cables.



Paradigme (


Artistic director 

Cedric Bachorz (Diez)



Luc Faguetti


Video content

Cedric bachors (Diez)

Cotta Jérémie (Bombaklak)


Technical lazer and sensors 

Axel Litoral (Hypernoika) and Mario


Land art 

Perle, Alice, Marcus, Cedric le dru, David


Credits photo 

Cedric Ledru