A mysterious monolith ran aground the 17 may 2014 in the warehouse TCRM Blida. Discovered during the event: Nuit des Cabanes, it may modify the vision of those who approached it.

Conceived as a machine whith the code name « Ref. U +262 F ».

The public had the opportunity to make a unique encounter with the imposing monument on Saturday, May 17.2014

Indeed, it's the realization of a simple principle: each of our personal choices affect the world around us.

And that is how  the spectators, 2.0 pilgrims,  could generate a visual and acoustic collective experience which evolved according to the words they had chosen individually.

This  experience could oscillate between two worlds that everything opposed: one sweet, nice and relaxing one and an other one, black, stressfull and hostile ..

Sometimes these two worlds are intertwined and fusionnate, forming a third similar equilibrium



Artistic director/ concept :

Jérémie Cotta (Bombaklak) & Cédric Bachorz (Diez)  

Augmented Sculpture "Solenoid" by Jérémie Cotta (Bombaklak)

Interactive ground projection concept by Cédric Bachorz. (Diez)



Video Artists

Cédric Le Dru, Dylan Regal, Cédric Bachorz et Jérémie Cotta



Mathieu Lozano (Lozange lab)


Sound Design

Philippe Morvan (Iroskin - Laptop session)


Cameramen & Photographers

Christophe Jung (Le Tauph)

Cédric Le Dru

Fenshtoast (


Stage manager

Luc Fachetti


Light master

Raynald Zvunka

Production manager
Anthony Zollo



Paradigme (



"Making of" photos by CdrLdr